What happens when you show up consistently in your community?

Your community
begins to know you 

+ recognize you + trust you. As a business owner and community leader, showing up is essential to the trust building process. Why? Because people do business with people. When you’re regularly showing up at local events and in people’s newsfeeds, you can create amazing relationships with people and stay top of mind when it comes to decision making.

How to show up strategically

We both created successful brands by doing one thing consistently: showing up for our community.

We showed up at networking events, in people’s mailboxes, inboxes, Instagram DMs, and their Facebook newsfeeds.

At Brand Launch, we teach people

make a difference

For the CEO whose impact is tremendous, but no one knows about it outside of the corporate walls, we create content that allows her to show up online in a significant, authentic way.

For the new business owner who knows her product is amazing and her customer service is top notch, we show her how to invest her time in her community and build relationships (remember, people buy from people).

For the business launching a new product they want everyone to know about, we pair them with our hummingbirds to mobilize their message on social media.

Our presence can make a tremendous difference in the world.