Des Moines, let us introduce you to our hummingbirds program, our innovative marketing strategy that creates buzz and visibility for businesses, events, projects, and nonprofits in the metro.

How do we do this?

We are currently partnered with 50+ influential men and women who are curating content through blog posts, social media, video, and more. And this number is growing.

These “hummingbirds” show up at events, shop locally, and are all about sharing their experiences online. And guess what? This is where people are going to make decisions about what to buy, where to eat, and what to do with their weekend.

We partner with local boutiques, restaurants, massage therapists, and local events by giving our hummingbirds the strategy created to elevate your brand. Read our blog post about our first hummingbird collab here.

Hummingbird Partnership Options

One-Day Partnership

Want a group of hummingbirds to show up on specific day? We work with groups of 10 or more influencers that will show up day-of to create buzz. Our hummingbirds will produce two pieces of content on two separate platforms (Facebook + Instagram) to share with their audience from their own perspective, using appropriate tags and hashtags. This is great for businesses looking for an introduction to working with hummingbirds.

Event-Based Partnership

Do you want to host a remarkable event and get the right people there? Count on Brand Launch to think through the details of preparing for, co-hosting, and sharing the experience through content created & curated through our hummingbirds. This is great for small businesses who are looking for more visibility and ready to give people a reason to show up and get excited. This partnership includes media production from Brand Launch for business use (photography, video, and written).

Long-Term Partnership

Are you looking for a long-term strategy to create consistent buzz about your business, event, or project? This partnership is a minimum of six months, and includes a variety of content curation and media production leading up to a specific date and experience. This partnership is customized for individuals and businesses based on specific goals.

Want to be a hummingbird? Fill out an application here.

Have an amazing business, event, or project you want to elevate? Fill out our business application.

Our goal is to work with the most talented, generous humans in this community.

Let’s launch.