We love supporting you in clarifying your message and building community around your brand. We guide you to your authentic voice through education, public speaking and strategy sessions.  

Let's get to work!

hi, I'm whitney!

I am the ring leader of the Brand Launch community. I'm am also a creative entrepreneur, specializing in guiding people on their journey to a positive, genuine, impactful personal brand. 

I started my first business four years ago with a logo and a new address. While I was technically moving back "home" I had a long road ahead of me to create connections and credibility in the tight-knit community I was re-entering.

I got to work. Work looked like coffee dates, networking meetings, non-profit partnerships, intentional social media conversations, litter pickup campaigns, a weekly Facebook Live series, public speaking and last but not least, photography. Check out Ivory House Photography here

At the one-year anniversary of my business, I was passing the six-figure revenue mark and found myself now spending the bulk of my time answering one big question,"how did you build your business so fast?"

Brand Launch is the answer to that question.

There is no secret sauce, paid gimmicks or supercharged SEO. I used my voice, my passion and my willingness to show up and share my gifts with my community. In short, I built a powerful personal brand and it continues to serve me well. 

Personal brand

building community

No matter your path in life, building a strong community is the foundation for true success. This talk includes strategies for community building from where to find it, to how to engage strategically and intentionally with the ones you've already built. 

Your personal brand is the feeling you create within the community you serve. Everyone has a brand. Few of us take intentional action to communicate our brand. 

In this talk, I share personal examples of how I built a strong postive personal brand and provided inspiration for those looking to become more intentional about their presence. 

This talk dives into the confidence to be seen, most frequently expressed as the confidence to be photographed. 

As a professional photographer, I've witnessed and experienced the life changing power of stepping in front of the camera and owning your image. In this talk, I share empowering stories of transformation and 
strategies for people ready to take the next step. 

being seen

Our lives are a series of practices, and whatever we practice, we perfect. This talk dives into our mindset as a practice. How we mentally show up to certain tasks and how we are the only people in our way. 

I will share mind changing perspetives on how to reroute our negative self talk into postive, inpsiring internal dialogue. 

Life as a practice