our mission is to build strong, positive communities,
one confident voice at a time. 

inspiring your story

Too many of us limit our own possibilities by believing false/negative stories about ourselves. You know the ones we're talking about:  

"Nobody needs to see me."
"Why would anyone want to follow along on my day?"
"Who am I to start this business, lead this non-profit, stand on this stage?"
"There are a million people doing this, why should anyone listen to me?"

These self-limiting stories are the number one factor in determining our success.
And guess what? People can see our stories.
We are not hiding, even when we think we are.
People see our confidence in the way we show up.
They see our positivity in the photos we post. We are building trust based on the consistency we create within our communities.

Our BRAND LAUNCH COURSE takes a deep look into these stories and transforms them into the bedrock of YOUR success. When we learn to talk positively about ourselves, live in an abundance mindset and truly support our community, our voices become more powerful than we could ever imagine. 

Your voice matters. Your story is inspiring. 
Let's work together to create a legacy worth sharing.

Our mission is to empower every person
to use their authentic voice
to share their story
and create the life they deserve. 

Core values 

Enrich our COMMUNITY

What exactly is personal branding?


"Whitney is able to dissect and piece things out that aren't serving you while having an exciting and energetic conversation about boosting the things that are serving you in business.

I walked out of my strategy session refreshed and excited about my business. I am truly excited to execute some changes within my business to promote my brand and boost community."

Erin G.
CREATIVE Entrepenuer

"The Brand Launch course opened my mind to how I approach social media overall.  I now know that MY STORY MATTERS, MY VOICE MATTERS. My story right now is amazing and where I'm meant to be now...and that's OK. I now post more intentionally, consistently and confidently. Sharing does not mean bragging - if I don't tell people what I'm doing in my life, how will they know?"


"Brand Launch has given me invaluable clarity and inspiration. From company purpose to personal branding, I was able to get a holistic picture and plan moving forward with my goals. As a result, I now have a lively Facebook group where I'm curating discussions and easily attracting new clients, just by being me and showing up socially. I highly recommend Brand Launch for all they offer!"

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