Creative. Change-Maker. Community Champion.


Bold. Caring. Empowering. 

Brand Launch was born from Emily and Whitney’s mutual desire to help individuals succeed through strategic personal branding and powerful partnerships.

Meet our growing team + three words that define them + their personal brand.

Meet the brand launch team, Abundance Believers and Brand Enthusiasts.

emily steele

whitney warne


Optimist. Creative. Free.

matt niblock


Organized. Compassionate. Encouraging. 

Amanda arnold

Operations Manager

detailed. curious. kind.

callie hippler

Marketing Coordinator

We’ve built this business on our core values of community, positivity, enthusiasm and authenticity. 

Starting this adventure with a mutual goal, rather than a specific product allowed us to truly dive into what we wanted to accomplish with open eyes and eager hearts. And what did we come up with? We want to see our community thrive. Period. And we are doing everything in our creative power to help the small business sector grow and prosper.