Brand Launch is more than just a course, it's a community of people raising each other up. We provide a workshop space, a sounding board and a feedback loop to truly help elevate your message and take your personal brand to the next level. Read what our community has to say about their journeys. 

Meet a few of our brand launchers, Abundance Believers and personal Brand Enthusiasts.

non-profit leader



confidence coach

"As a coach, I knew it was important to show up genuinely and vulnerably but was struggling with how to translate that into a social media setting. Whitney lead by example and provided great insight into how to create impactful posts that draw people to me without dropping a hard ask in the content. I’ve now doubled the members in my private Facebook group, which is my greatest lead generator for my coaching business and seen an exponential increase in connection and engagement in my posts. If you know the importance of showing up on social media but aren't quite sure how to do it, Whitney can help!"

- Celeste 

non-profit leader

public speaker

"With the encouragement of this course, I've become more comfortable sharing my story of childhood food insecurity. As a result of the increased confidence in my voice, I wrote an article for a local magazine that directly resulted in a very generous donation from a connected reader. Learning to use my voice and share my story has catapulted my ability to fundraise for my organization and make an impact in my community."

- Michelle

"The Personal Brand Launch course opened my mind to how I approach social media. MY STORY MATTERS. MY VOICE MATTERS. Sharing does not mean bragging - if I don't tell people what I'm doing in my life, how will they know? Oh, and feedback is neutral :-)

As a result of the YPBL course I am intentional and consistent in posting. I have also taken this knowledge with me in how I handle social for a client. We now share our message through a values vs. a sales approach."

- Erin 

"The Brand Launch course gave me invaluable clarity and inspiration. From company purpose to personal branding, I was able to get a holistic picture and plan moving forward with my goals. As a result, I now have a lively Facebook group where I'm curating discussions and easily attracting new clients, just by being me and showing up socially. I highly recommend Brand Launch for all they offer!"

- Erik 

"As someone who highly values trusting connections, I liked the Brand Launch approach to genuinely building relationships over social media, rather than focusing on algorithms and hashtags. Now I know that connecting with others in person doesn't need to be different than how we connect with others on social media. Whereas before I was on social media just to browse, now I actively contribute to conversations and make a point to connect with someone
every time I log on."

- Catalina

"The Brand Launch course provided me the ability to clearly understand my talents and then showcase those talents to potential clients. After working with Brand Launch, I now understand what differentiates me from the thousands of other attorneys in Iowa. Brand Launch inspired me to market and network in genuine ways that result in actual business growth. I cannot thank the Brand Launch community enough for their invaluable services!"

- Tyler 

"Through my work in the Brand Launch course, I was able to discover my mission. I am now a confident voice of inspiration for woman 50+ and an inspiration for younger women who want to know that life only gets better with age and clarity! As if that wasn't enough, as a creator in the hospitality industry, I’ve been able to marry my newfound mission with my passion for food and community cooking." 

- Dani 

"Taking the Brand Launch course completely changed the way I approach social media. I used to think of it as a time suck and pretty frivolous. Now, I've launched my own campaign called #fancyfriday, raising money for local non-profits by motivating people to get fancy for a good cause. Now I understand social media is another tool for connection and making a positive impact in my community." 

- Matt

"Instead of being a passive consumer of social media, I am now an active and intentional participant. I've also become more comfortable posting content that feels true to my values and really leaned in to caring less about what others think. By showing up authentically in this way, the right people are attracted to me to collaborate in a personal or business setting."

- Megan 


"Before the Brand Launch course, I was barely showing up on social. Now I realize that not showing up says just as much as showing up intentionally. This course helped me articulate what messages are important to share with the world. It's been a game-changer in how I think about what I post and when and what I get to say. I have way more to say than I realized and now have the tools and confidence to continue developing my brand and messages."

- Suzanne

cooking instructor


beautycounter rep

project manager

virtual assistant

"Brand Launch was a game-changer for me. Taking a deep-dive into my core values and keeping those at the center, allowed me to see that "I" am my brand. Showing up, being true to myself, and being vulnerable about the process opened relationships and conversations. Whitney is an awesome 'guide', and her incredible knowledge about true community connection and building authentic relationships is unmatched. The content of this course is so rich...and vast...I can't wait to do it all over again. THANK YOU!"

- Julie 

"Your Personal Brand Launch provided me with a step-by-step process to refine my message, engage my audience, and use my platforms to build my business in a meaningful and authentic way. All of the tools, from the Showing Up Social e-Book to the Core Values worksheet, were extremely valuable as I used the course to build my personal brand."

- Amanda 

We’ve built this business on our core values of community, positivity, leadership,
authenticity and abundance. 

We started this adventure with mission, rather than a specific product. This allowed us to truly dive into what we wanted to accomplish with open eyes and eager hearts. And what did we come up with? We want to see our community thrive. Period. And we are doing everything in our creative power to help every human find their voice and use it for the greater good. 

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