showing up for your community builds trust.

And trust builds businesses that last. 

As a community leader, showing up is essential to the trust building process. Why? Because people do business with people. By consistently showing up in social spaces, virtually or in person, you are building long partnerships, creating top of mind awareness and setting yourself up for long term success and mobility.   

JOIn showing up social

your legacy is created in connection with others. Our BRAND LAuNCH strategies, courses and online presenCe center around building up, supporting and sustaining community through genuine connection.

Our favorite Place to connect and grow is in our Showing Up Social facebook group. There we tackle all sorts of topics ranging from social media to in-person netWOrking. If you're looking for honest conversation and stimulating feedback, you'Re In the right place. 

meet our people

At Brand Launch, we strive to be and create strong community members. We know at the end of the day we are more than the product we sell, the service we promote, the company we lead and the causes we fundraise for. We are multi-faceted, complex people with a huge capacity to create, give, contribute and connect. 

Our graduates are true testaments to the transformative power of investing in your personal brand. Hear their stories of success and impact here.