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Whether you own a business, run a nonprofit, just started college or are entering retirement... you can use your voice online and offline to make a dent in the world.

Our impact map is full of exercises to help you gain clarity on WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU SHOW UP.

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Personal branding work will demand you to focus on your voice. How you use it, where you use it, how consistently you use it, and who hears it. If you desire to use your voice, the impact map is for you.

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"Whitney and Emily are able to dissect and piece things out that aren't serving you while having an exciting and energetic conversation about boosting the things that are serving you in business.

I walked out of my Marketing Deep Dive refreshed and excited about my business in 2019. I am truly excited to execute some changes within my business to promote my brand and boost community."


"I cannot thank Whitney and Emily ENOUGH for how effective they were in helping me open up my creative mind with my business. They motivated me greatly and I have so many new ideas to get my brand out there for more exposure. It was the best investment I've had in quite awhile!!!"


"The insight that Brand Launch provided for me in our strategy session gave me invaluable clarity and inspiration. From company purpose to personal branding, I was able to get a holistic picture and plan moving forward with my goals. I highly recommend Brand Launch for all they offer!"

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so, who are you two anyway?

We are Emily and Whitney, owners of Brand Launch. We help business owners, community leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs show up with more intention and purpose on social media and IRL.

Both of us grew separate businesses by showing up for our community online and in person, offering as much value and connection as possible, and building meaningful relationships.

We came together to teach others how we've built multi six-figure businesses through personal brand strategies.