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Whether you own a business, run a nonprofit, just started college or are entering retirement... you can use your voice on and offline to make an impact in the world.

Our Impact Map is full of exercises to help you gain clarity on WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU SHOW UP.

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Personal branding work will demand you to focus on your voice.
How you use it, where you use it, how consistently you use it, and who hears it.
If you desire to use your voice, the impact map is for you.

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Suzanne B. 
non-Profit leader

"Before the Brand Launch course, I was barely showing up on social. Now I realize that not showing up says just as much as showing up intentionally.

This course helped me articulate what messages are important to share with the world. It's been a game-changer in how I think about what I post and when and what I get to say. I have way more to say than I realized and now have the tools and confidence to continue developing my brand and messages."

James M. 
Online MoVement creator

"Working with Whitney to help strategize creative solutions to nurturing my community has made an enormous difference for my business. 

Each time we meet I leave deeply aware that she has a unique genius for connecting people, and through her advice and example I have discovered new ways of empowering my members in an inclusive, supportive, loving way that allows for us all to thrive. 

Whitney makes me and my business better, and I am so grateful for knowing her."

Catalina D. 

"As someone who highly values trusting connections, I liked the Brand Launch approach to genuinely building relationships over social media, rather than focusing on algorithms and hashtags.

Now I know that connecting with others in person doesn't need to be different than how we connect with others on social media. Whereas before I was on social media just to browse, now I actively contribute to conversations and make a point to connect with someone 
every time I log on."

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