your personal brand is your core values in action

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Your reputation
the words you choose
your energy when you walk into a room
the words people use to describe you
the way you show up online

your personal brand is...

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Are you looking to be inspired, build community and engage regularly on social? Our Impact Map, Showing up Social E-Book and Calendar are the right combo for you. This trio engages you with your unique purpose, explains the Brand Launch approach to social media, and gives you useful prompts to engage daily on your platforms. 

At Brand Launch, we believe in REAL connection-based content, generated by you based on your life and interests. We believe that the better you know yourself and the more integrated you are into your community, the more you can expect to attract your ideal client, friend, boss or mentor into your life. 

If you’re ready to shift into a community mindset, dive into your unique impact, and create consistent content - these digital downloads are for you. 

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