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I recently sat down with Matt Niblock, one of the Your Personal Brand Launch graduates to discuss his kick off of a new social media campaign – Fancy Friday. This campaign ditches casual Friday in favor of getting fancy, all for a cause! This campaign also served as a catalyst for Matt seeing tremendous growth […]

Personal Branding

May 11, 2020

fancy friday campaign – matt niblock

Hot chocolate bars and hidden staircases? Count us in! We kicked off 2020 by partnering the dsm hummingbirds with Rollins Mansion in Des Moines to bring 50 birds to their 2020 event calendar unveiling.  Originally built in the 1900’s, Rollins Mansion is a historic and sprawling event venue known for its unique architecture and beautiful […]

The Hummingbird Project

February 10, 2020

hummingbird partnership: rollins mansion

Tucked away off of Grand Avenue right outside of the heart of downtown Des Moines sits a well-loved space in the community, the Des Moines Art Center.  Photographers love it for the gorgeous grounds, creators and makers are continually amazed at the Center’s class offerings and visitors pop in regularly to check out the changing […]

The Hummingbird Project

January 31, 2020

hummingbird partnership: des moines art center

We love collaborating with businesses to build fresh excitement around their brand.  But we also love it when businesses recognize that the relationships they build with those in their community are so much more important than the amount of likes they accumulate on their posts. Relationships are a long game, which is why we cheer […]

The Hummingbird Project

December 30, 2019

Hummingbird Partnership: Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens

We recently had the chance to chat with Hummingbird client Tony Thompson, owner of Prudent Produce. Prudent Produce is a locally owned and operated fresh produce delivery service. Last year, they served over 300 central Iowa families while supporting more than 40 Iowa Food Farmers. Hello, Tony! Please tell us a little bit about yourself. […]

The Hummingbird Project

March 23, 2019

Small Business Spotlight: Prudent Produce

Have you been wondering what it’s like to work with community builders and local enthusiasts? From large-scale business unveiling events to sampling pizza at home to showing up for a musical performance, our hummingbirds are committed to engaging with a brand and sharing their experience on their social platforms. We’ve created three unique options that […]

The Hummingbird Project

March 14, 2019

Get Engaged with the #dsmhummingbird Charm

  At Brand Launch, we’re in the business of being community advocates and brand builders. This means interacting with tons of small businesses, self starters and entrepreneurs who are doing their very best to provide a top notch product, mostly succeeding and like humans do, sometimes falling short.  I’ve been in the entrepreneurial game for […]

Brand Experience, Entrepreneurship

February 27, 2019

Treating Small Business with Respect

What is personal branding? With the rise of social media, our reputations are on steroids and usually built in advance of a face-to-face interaction. We often have a first impression of someone before ever having met them. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and dating apps do the job of introducing us to our marketplace of friends, employers, […]

Personal Branding

February 20, 2019

Let’s Dig – What Exactly is Personal Branding?

“A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner—continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you—is a fine art, in and of itself.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear […]

Personal Branding, Uncategorized

February 13, 2019

Making Room for Creativity

Our hummingbird charm showed up at CycleBar in West Des Moines for a sweaty, fun ride in January and were asked to post Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, and Facebook Posts in exchange for a free ride that night + five additional rides to use throughout the year. Businesses like CycleBar hire Brand Launch to pitch, […]

The Hummingbird Project

January 31, 2019

Local Des Moines Hummingbirds Ride with CycleBar