personal branding is the feeling you create within the community you serve. 

hi, I'm whitney!

I am the ring leader of the Brand Launch community. I'm am also a creative entrepreneur, specializing in guiding people on their journey to a positive, genuine, impactful personal brand. 

I started my first business four years ago with a logo and a new address. While I was technically moving back "home" I had a long road ahead of me to create connections and credibility in the tight-knit community I was re-entering.

I got to work. Work looked like coffee dates, networking meetings, non-profit partnerships, intentional social media conversations, litter pickup campaigns, a weekly Facebook Live series, public speaking and last but not least, photography. Check out Ivory House Photography here

At the one-year anniversary of my business, I was passing the six-figure revenue mark and found myself now spending the bulk of my time answering one big question,"how did you build your business so fast?"

Brand Launch is the answer to that question.

There is no secret sauce, paid gimmicks or supercharged SEO. I used my voice, my passion and my willingness to show up and share my gifts with my community. In short, I built a powerful personal brand and it continues to serve me well. 

My personal brand in action

I started my career as a photographer and it is still a huge part of my personal brand. 

I started my Unapologetically Extra sessions two years ago when I kept hearing the same phrase over and over, "I have no reason to have a photo of me."

My response? YOU are your reason. Seeing yourself, acknowledging how powerful you are and everything you create, that is reason enough to have a photo taken. 

So every month, I pick a new spot and people who up and spend 15 minutes with me for the VERY BEST REASON, THEMSELVES. 

Every single Wednesday for the last three years, I have shown up on Facebook Live to talk to my audience. I often interview people who are doing their part to impact our community. Sometimes I show up solo to talk about something on my heart. 

This series has given me so much. I met new, amazing people, engaged in incredible conversations, and built a habit so strong, that people actually reach out to me when I go on vacation to say how much they missed this weekly video time. 

But what I was really doing was demonstrating consistency. Every single time I showed up to talk to my audience, I was building trust. And trust is the bedrock of both my business. 

My non-profit work is essential to my success as a business owner. Not only is it some of the most joyful interactions I have, but giving back has lead to connections and support beyond my wildest dreams. 

In 2017, I volunteered to photograph the graduates of Dress for Successes Professional Women's Group, a group geared towards supporting women as they re-enter the work force. This impactful exchange led to me standing on a stage in front of 400 people, sharing my experience of photographing these women. It was one of the biggest opportunities of my life and I leaned in. 

That speech has opened so many doors for me and continues to aid in my success many years later. 

Social media campaigns don't have to cost money. They don't even need to be glamorous. My very first Facebook campaign was super simple. I started picking up trash and asked people to join me. I offered what I had, an hour photo shoot to the winner of the challenge. 

The results were beyond my imagination. I ended up on television several times. The story got picked up by a few national bloggers and I became known as the "litter girl." While I would have preferred a different title, I love that this was the mark I made on my city. 

It was my first real life example of the concept that ONE PERSON can make a difference and change the tide. 

let's get extra


"Whitney is able to dissect and piece things out that aren't serving you while having an exciting and energetic conversation about boosting the things that are serving you in business.

I walked out of my strategy session refreshed and excited about my business. I am truly excited to execute some changes within my business to promote my brand and boost community."

julie D.

Whitney is an awesome 'guide.' Her incredible knowledge about true community connection and building authentic relationships is unmatched.

 The content of the Brand Launch course is so rich...and vast...Taking a deep-dive into my core values and keeping those at the center, allowed me to see that "I" am my brand. 


"The insight Whitney provided in our strategy session gave me valuable clarity and inspiration. From company purpose to personal branding, I was able to get a holistic picture and plan moving forward with my goals. I highly recommend Brand Launch, their course and all the knowledge this community has to offer!"

working with me 

I'm ready to use my voice